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Let's talk keto! It seems everyone is doing it these days and the best part is that it actually seems to work long-term. If you're not familiar with keto, it's short for ketogenics. A ketogenic diet is comprised of high fats, mid proteins, and low carbs. Ketogenics forces the body to burn fats as fuel instead of carbs.

With this in mind, it's easy for beginners to think that their diet needs to be filled with meat and cheese. However, this mentality is harmful on the heart. The best way to get in more fats is to eat the healthy, natural sources like nuts, avocado, and oils.

Another misconception is that because keto is a low-carb diet, you can't eat any carbs at all. Carbs aren't the enemy. Processed carbs are the issue. Just like healthy fats, there are natural sources of low-carb fruits and vegetables to enjoy without kicking your body out of the ketogenic process. Below is a list of ten fruits and 10 vegetables that are low in carbs.


  1. raspberries

  2. blueberries

  3. blackberries

  4. strawberries

  5. peaches

  6. honeydew

  7. cantaloupe

  8. watermelon

  9. avocado

  10. tomatoes


  1. green beans

  2. cucumbers

  3. broccoli

  4. cauliflower

  5. spinach

  6. zucchini

  7. kale

  8. asparagus

  9. cabbage

  10. celery

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