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Stop "detoxing!"

After an eventful weekend of friends, family, and food (lots of food), we find ourselves punishing our bodies for either overeating or not making the best food choice. We may feel the need to "detox" our body using food restrictions or juice cleanses. It's not necessary. Your body is fully capable of handling overeating at one meal, across a whole day, or a weekend, without you blending and juicing. Instead, try these five tips on what to do after overeating.

  1. Sleep it off! Believe it or not, after a day of overeating, getting a good night's sleep will reset your body and cravings and get you ready for the next day.

  2. Sip on water. It can help flush out the sodium you consumed. Stay hydrated. However, drinking too much can make you feel even more full.

  3. Take a walk or exercise. Stay within reason of your fitness level and your regular workout or walk. Don't try to "work off" the food you ate.

  4. Skip the guilt. Continuing to feel guilty about past food choices can lead to more overeating and even binge eating for some. Get back to business! Think about your next meal, eat normally, and choose a healthy, satisfying meal.

  5. Understand your triggers. For me, excessive alcohol consumption can have me eating everything in my eyesight. For others, it could be using food to mask loneliness, boredom, stress, and frustration. Unfortunately, during this pandemic, using food to mask different emotions is all too prevalent. This tip is loaded and may require you to take a deep dive into yourself. Don't be afraid to address what may feel uncomfortable or seek outside help from a therapist.

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