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New Year, New You...blah, blah, blah

Well, here we are at the close of another year, and you're thinking, "how can I make 2021 better than 2020?" Aren't you tired of setting New Year's resolutions year after year only to find yourself not keeping them? Here are five sure-fire-tips to help you finish what you start.

Set realistic goals.

Stop trying to do the most. Know yourself, and don't set goals that you can't possibly achieve. Be honest and try setting micro-goals instead of long-term-goals.

Make a timeline.

Know the start date and end date before you begin.

Eliminate distractions.

Find joy in what you're doing.

It's okay to be selective in what you choose to take on. If you ain't feeling it, then don't do it.


Once you get started, see it through! It's time-out for instant gratification. When things get rough, don't bail! It's better to revamp than to restart. You'll continue to reap the rewards of true satisfaction long after the work is complete. So stick to it!

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