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Being a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, or nutritionist is among the most rewarding jobs. You are building a career that puts your health at the forefront, and you're actively changing the lives of others - and that's the sweetest part. 


From the DJ to our marketing team, we pride ourselves on working with people dedicated to living their best life and teaching others how to do the same. If you want to join a team that can boost your career and caters to your well-being, we'd love for you to apply.

Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor Internship

Stipend: $250/semester


The NickiFit Fitness internship program is designed to allow undergraduates and recent graduates from college, university or personal training certification courses to observe the practical skills they will need to work successfully with clients in the future.  Interns will observe an experienced personal trainer conducting a variety of training sessions and an experienced group exercise instructor leading multiple fitness classes. Basic office and administrative tasks may be required.

Social Media Content Coordinator Internship

Stipend: $250/semester


The NickiFit Social Media Content Coordinator internship program is designed to allow undergraduates and recent graduates from college, university or vocational school to represent a company through an online channel. Interns will help implement and maintain online marketing strategies through social media. Basic office and administrative tasks may be required. 

Group Exercise Instructor

Current Locations: Kansas City Public Library: Lucile Bluford Public Library, Waldo Public Library and Irene H. Ruiz Public Library. Adding new locations for new classes in 2024.


General Purpose: Provide group fitness instruction, monitors, educates participants on fitness and safety, and maintains a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for class participants.

Duties: Teaches scheduled classes, beginning and ending on time; provides adequate warm-up, exercises, stretching, and cool down. Instructs participants on effective workout methods; explains proper techniques, demonstrates exercises; identifies different muscle groups, and teaches...

Administrative Assistant

Location: Work-From-Home, On-site work may be required, i.e workshops, meetings, etc.

General Purpose: Provide support to owner and employees, assisting in daily office needs and managing our company’s administrative activities.

Duties: Manage and produce office communications—phone calls, emails, letters, faxes and forms, organize and schedule meetings and some appointments, schedule and manage calendars, maintain contact lists, help plan events and initiatives, maintain computer office filing system.....

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