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Skip the Guilt

As the city and State COVID-19 regulations continue to change, you may want to get back into the swing of things like going out for drinks with friends, getting together for family barbecues and dinners, or vacationing to take some time off. These and many other summer activities are excellent for mental health!

The 4th of July is one of those times for having fun and enjoying the sun with family and friends. So why does your path to a healthier you leave you to feel guilty for having a good time joining in the festivities? While the pressure of maintaining health and having fun may be overbearing, it is good to remember that there is no harm in operating balance.

So, what is balance when it comes to your nutritional needs? Balance is choosing foods to improve your body and limit the foods that negatively impact your health. Enjoying a tasty treat or snack now and then will not set you back in your fitness and health journey as long as you practice self-control. Balance is the best thing you can do for your health and fitness journey. It helps you stick to your long-term goals and encourage a positive body image. The good thing about a holiday is that it is short and no comparison to the countless days, weeks, and months you grind!

So, skip the guilt because it usually feeds back into the behavior you are trying to curb. For example, if you're an emotional eater and you say, "I shouldn't be doing this," it implies more guilt and judgment on yourself. You could then end up eating to comfort yourself.

Taking a day off from eating clean does not define your health, fitness, or awesomeness. Learning how to cut down on high-calorie foods and eat them sparingly will make your diet of clean eating more sustainable over time.

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy.

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Emily Ferrara
Emily Ferrara

Guilt has never helped me feel healthier- it's all about balance!



It ain't easy but I choose to ... #GETAFTERIT

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