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Back to Basics

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Trend: a general direction is which something is developing or changing

Fad: an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s quality; a craze.

Are you making decisions about improving your health based on trend or fad? Let’s get back to basics.

Group Training

The annual survey of worldwide fitness trends is now in its 13th year. The top 20 trends for 2019 were ranked and published by the American College of Sports Medicine. On that list, group training topped at number two. This is where group exercise instructors teach, lead and motivate individuals through intentionally designed, larger, in-person group movement classes. Group programs are designed to be motivational and effective for people of all fitness levels.

We at NickiFit have witnessed people jump start a fitness journey, break through a plateau and reach new levels of strength all through group training. If you’d like to experience this, join a NickiFit class today.

Time Management

We’re here to tell you that there is always time for exercise. Having a plan and a properly structured exercise program will ensure that you get a great workout in a short amount of time. Tabata is an excellent time-saver workout. Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training. This means you will work at an exercise intensity greater than 75% for 20 seconds then take a 10 second break. Repeat this format eight times for one round of Tabata. Add a 60 second full recovery in between each round which will allow you to catch your breath, grab water and dive in for round two.

You can work 4 rounds of Tabata with a 60 second rest in between each round and complete your workout in 20 minutes. Or if you just have 10 minutes, two rounds of Tabata will do it! Choose any two exercises, set your interval timer and get going!


Weight gain happens when we eat more calories (energy) than we burn. Overeating high calorie foods can lead to high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. With this in mind, portion control may be the first thing to address in this new year. Instead of eating a huge amount of food 1-2 times a day, eat smaller portions 5-6 times a day. This will keep you from feeling famished at every setting for a meal and keep you from overeating.

Next, increase your water intake by 1-2 cups with each meal. This will aid in controlling your weight, clearing your skin, lessening aches in your body along with a countless number of other benefits.

Lastly, when it comes to eating healthy a basic rule of thumb is to EAT FOOD. “Junk food” is pleasing on the palate but offers little nutritional value to the body.

The very next thing you plan to eat, stop and ask yourself, “Can I grow this?” ‘Is this something I can plant and reproduce?” If not, find a healthier choice of food to replace that item. Eating more veggies and fruits will help you feel healthy and energized. For a personalized nutrition plan join NickiFit on Demand.

The basics can take you a long way in your health and fitness journey. Apply these small concepts over time for big results in 2019!

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