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Lululemon’s New Sports Bra Is the Only One You'll Want to Wear This Summer

Finding the right sports bra, specifically a running one, is crucial. I mean, aside from a good pair of kicks, an athletic supporter is a top priority. Which is why I was excited when Lululemon asked me to test out their new running-specific Enlite Bra ($98;

I will admit, I am already a fan of Lululemon sports bras. I’ve run a few of my marathons in their Ta Ta Tamer, so I hoped this model would be just as good. And the sleek and surprisingly simple-looking, free-cut supporter did not disappoint. (I guess that’s what happens when female researchers get together and spend two years working on and testing a sports bra.)

After a full two weeks with the Enlite—which has a slightly different design based on your size to ensure your girls are getting everything they need—these are my thoughts.


It’s pretty—maybe a little bit of a modest cut, but still pretty. Often times, I find that bras that are meant for larger busts are lacking in the style department. But if I were the type of girl to go sans shirt, I’d feel good putting this one on display.

Getting it on and off

While it was easy for me to slip on, I did have trouble fastening the two hook-and-eye closures in the back. However, that’s probably due to the fact that I still put on a bra like a child—you know, fasten it in front and then spin it around. But I think for women who have mastered the art of putting on a bra the correct way, this shouldn't be a problem.


When I put it on, it felt like butter against my skin. Seriously, it was that comfortable. And this encapsulation style (no uniboob!) fit really well too. I mean it was as if Lululemon had taken a mold of my chest and made this bra specifically for me.

Also, it ran true to size. I wear a 36D in traditional bras, and that is the size I snagged in the Enlite. (FYI: sizes range from 32B to 40DD.) But, you still may want to venture into a store to try it on to be sure. After all, you don’t want to get it home and discover your breasts are spilling out, there are wrinkles or folds in the fabric, the bottom band doesn’t stay put, or the bra digs in or rubs anywhere. These are all telltale signs that you’re in the wrong bra, which I have learned over the years from LaJean Lawson, PhD, an exercise scientist and leading expert in breast motion.


This bra has two traditional straps (up and down) along with two that crisscross in the back, and they are nice and thick—all of which make it feel like your breasts are really locked in. And while the straps are not adjustable, which I thought would be a problem, I still felt, for lack of a better expression, strapped in. Also noteworthy: The straps in the back look great under a cutout tank.


I’ve always said that the mark of a good sports bra is one that I forget that I'm wearing. Not once did I have to readjust the straps, pull the bottom band down, or fidget with this bra in any way before, during, or after any of my runs or that one HIIT workout—with high knees, burpees, skater lunges, etc.—that I put it through. I will say, though, that after I would take it off, the Enlite was soaked. The funny thing: I never felt wet while it was on. Clearly, the Enlite is great at wicking sweat away from the body.


If you want a sports bra that looks nice, feels great, and actually supports you—especially if you fall on the larger side of the cup spectrum—then the Lululemon Enlite is a great choice. I won’t lie, it is super pricey. I mean there is A LOT that I could get for 98 bucks. But I have found that I’d rather shell out a little more cash on the front end rather than have to deal with unwanted jostling, which not only hurts like hell, but may cause my perky boobs to sag prematurely.


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