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African-American couple demonstrating strength and trust. Photo by IG: @mr.eroticnoire

Photo Credit - IG: @mr.eroticnoire

Now more than ever, people are taking their fitness regimens seriously - and that's awesome. What would be even sweeter is if those same people didn't go at it by themselves. According to Psychology Today, there are five benefits couples gain from opting to workout together.

1. Relationship satisfaction increases.

Studies show that couples who have recently participated in some sort of physical challenge or activity with their significant other reported feeling happier and more in love. That's because the arousal is mental. That said, taking up a dance class or doing a 5K together may be a good idea.

2. Workout performance improves.

Social psychology has showed that simply having someone else in the same room as you do a physical activity makes you give it your all just a little bit more. As crazy as it may sound, working out with your partner can actually make you run faster and get in a few burpees more than if you were working out alone.

3. You'll be more attractive to each other.

The feelings and physical stimulation you get from working out are a lot like the feelings and physical stimulation you had when you were first attracted to your partner. Enough said.

4. You're more likely to hit your goals.

Studies show that when one partner is committed to developing a healthy lifestyle, the other partner is likely to get on board. From there, the commitment they both have only magnifies. I recently experienced this with my husband who has lost 50 pounds within the last eight months. While I've always been close to my goal weight, I could never seem to build the consistency necessary to actually get there. Now, I've developed the control I need to actually hit that goal and it's largely because of his example. That said, it's also important to remember that you can't rely on outsourcing mental effort alone to hit a goal. That's something you have to develop from within.

5. Your emotional bond grows.

Working out together often involves doing the same types of moves at the same time. This nonverbal syncing helps create emotional alignment and makes you and your partner feel closer than before.

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