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NickiFit On Demand

Whether you need a program that suits your personal needs or you're looking for a program that caters to the workplace wellness of your team, NickiFit On-Demand will help you achieve your goals.

Personal Membership

Ideal for individuals who desire to get fit on their own time.

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Corporate Membership

Ideal for businesses and organizations who need a program for 5+ people.

Pricing Varies

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Virtual Personal Training

Enjoy the convenience of in-home personal training with our new virtual experience. Training sessions are conducted via video using FaceTime (iPhone only), WhatsApp, or Skype.

A la Carte Training

Ideal for individuals who only need one session or who don't want to commit to a long-term program.


1:1 Personal Training

Ideal for individuals who are ready to work together for at least one month with one to three sessions per week.

Starting at $55

Group Training

Ideal for up to 4 friends/family members who want to get in one to three sessions per week for at least a month.

Starting at $75

Nutrition Coaching

Are you overwhelmed by what to make for dinner? Do you make several trips to the grocery store in a week? Do you feel that cooking at home would be healthier for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a custom meal plan from our team of registered dieticians would benefit you. 


Nutrition is important, and the combination of proper nutrition and exercise is 4x more effective than exercise alone. Our nutrition coaching offers meal planning insight that's easy, detailed, and 100% tailored to your needs – whether you're keto, vegan, or somewhere in between.​

Nutrition Coaching requires a monthly membership and includes access to NickiFit On Demand. You'll be charged $9.99 to get started, then $9.99/month for maintenance. Cancel at any time and billing will stop immediately. Current members of NickiFit On Demand who have been a member for at least 30 days do not need to sign up here.